Where We Work

Our multilingual team and international reach enable us to support clients in the UK, Gulf, Middle East, Asia-Pacific, Europe and internationally.

We are a truly global business with experience spanning more than 15 countries. The map below shows the countries we've worked in. click here
We are now in Muscat Oman, Cape Town, Kuwait, South Korea, Mexico, Luxembourg, Berlin & etc.

An incorporation and support with worldwide reach

Subtlety and complexity.

We are professionals, we have completed projects all around the world and we have been fortunate enough to receive awards and publicity. But, more important than this is that repeat commissions from existing clients form most of our body of work. This is a great honour and reward.


Channel Partners

ER. V.K. Gupta | USA

ER. Vaibhav Agarwal | India

DR. Adithya Bhaskar | Muscat Oman

Arch. Antonio Topete | Mexico

Gorge Hernandez | Kuwait

PR. Emika | South Korea

DR. Salinder Singh | Punjab

Raman Chawla | Dubai

DR. Angad | UK

ER. Sundaravel | South India

PR. Alison White | Luxembourg

Daniel | Berlin

Prof. Abrahams M | Cape Town

How We Work